Phosphorous Pentoxide

Phosphorous Pentoxide

Technical Data Sheet

1. Alias: phosphoric anhydride

2. Molecular formula: P2O5

3. Molecular weight: 141.94

·Dangerous regulations classification and number:

   GB8.1 category 81063. Original iron rule: Grade 1 inorganic acid corrosive material, 91034, UN NO.: 1807. IMDG CODE 8198 page, 8 categories.


    Raw materials for phosphorus oxychloride and metaphosphoric acid, acrylates, surfactants, dehydrating agents, desiccants, antistatic agents, refining of medicines and sugars, and analytical reagents.

·Physical and chemical properties:

    It is usually a white, highly deliquescent crystalline powder. The density is 0.9g/cm3, and it sublimates at 300°C. The melting point is 580-585°C. The vapor pressure is 133.3Pa (384°C). When heated to a higher temperature under pressure, the crystal transforms into an amorphous glass-like body, which easily absorbs moisture in the air. It dissolves in water and emits heat and white smoke.

·Hazard characteristics:

    Non-combustible. However, it reacts violently with water and organic matter such as wood, cotton or grass, releasing heat, which can cause burning. A lot of smoke and heat can be generated when it meets water, and it is slightly corrosive to most metals when it meets moisture. Local irritation is very strong. Steam and dust can severely irritate eyes, mucous membranes, skin and respiratory system. And it corrodes the skin and mucous membranes. Even dust with a concentration of 1 mg/m3 is unbearable.