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L-Valine 72-18-4 is white crystals or crystalline powder , with ethanol aqueous solution heavy clean person for colorless tabular or scaly crystallization. Odorless, have special bitterness. Melting point of about 315 °C.

Functions&Applications: L-valine is one of the eight essential amino acids for human body, which could be used in the preparation of compound amino acid infusions, synthesis polypeptide drugs and food antioxidant etc. It is widely used in blood-brain barrier, hepatic coma, chronic liver cirrhosis, and renal failure treatment, inborn errors of metabolism of dietary treatment, sepsis, and postoperative treatment of patients with diabetes, as well as in medicine speeding up the healing of surgical wounds and in nutritional supportive care of patients with cancer. In addition, it is also used in preparation of infusions high in branched-chain amino acids(such as 3H infusion,etc.) and oral liquid(such as liver-an dry syrup, etc.). Applications in food nutrition fortifier, food flavor enhancer and agricultural insecticide are popular too.